Hello From Golden Hook Camp

Hello from Golden Hook Camp. Hope everyone is having a great year. The shows in Illinois and Wisconsin are over and thanks to everyone that helped and came to see Scott at the show. Regrettably, I was not able to attend and missed not seeing everyone. The shows were back to back. We have the Iowa show left to do in March at the UNI-Dome. I am looking forward to seeing the Iowa gang.

I am very excited to get the 2019 fishing started and Scott and Keith are already talking boats. Scott and I are going to meet Keith and Brooke in February and try out some ice fishing and check on the Camp. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and the new guests that have booked with us so far this year. If you need to email please use the goldenhookcamp105@gmail.com till I get back to camp. If you have any photos from your fishing trips to the camp, please send them to me and I will post them here.

-- Machelle

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